The Important Effect That Baby Food Has on Your Baby

Baby food is any food that babies have apart from mother’s milk and infant formula known as baby food. Baby food, in different nations and cultures are different. European babies get bland cereal for their first meals of normal food while African babies gets fed on maize porridge. In Canada, iron rich infant cereal is usually used. In some cultures and religions, the first introduction of solid food has a religious importance. For example, take the Hindu Annaprasana or the religious traditions seen in Thailand and Vietnam.
Yet, seeing on the rising level of pesticides being found in these foods, it is better for one to make one’s own baby food at home. For this some simple devices are needed. The foremost device is the baby food mill which is used to mash the food. The manual mill can mash properly only if the food is soft from cooking and then to the skin of the fruits and vegetables are not always properly separated. It is always good to invest in a proper electric mill. You will have to strain the puree after blending for there is no strainer available. Or peel the skin of the fruits and vegetables before blending. Steaming makes the food lose fewer nutrients and is better than other methods where most of the nutrients are lost due to cooking. Air tight food containers to store the food for several days required in busy households. Lastly, one needs a microwave oven to warm the food prepared before to heat polarized molecules in the food.
If you have all this, you can prepare your own baby food and not worry about the rampant spread of pesticides.

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