News on My Thinking Hacker Theme Canvas Shopping Bag

Yesterday,I hired an American designer to design the Thinking Hacker theme for me.It is an original design.The first original design of the Thinking Hacker theme is planned to be used on a canvas shopping bag.Because the registered trademark of my shopping bag has been announced, the announcement period is due at the end of next month.So I can use my own trademark TakeLion to launch a series of Thinking Hacker products.
Thinking Hacker is the creation concept of my micro-blog small novel ‘The Romantic Twittering of a Little Idiot and a Little Hacker’, I own the copyright.Thinking Hacker shopping bag is mainly black, on hacker theme.The major customers are fashion oriented young people , of course, mainly programmers, because I am a system analyst.
The price is expected to be around USD$35 per canvas shopping bag.Considering the environmental protection ,it is not packaged.Please note that it is made in China,but its designer is an American.
If you intend to make a reservation, you can follow a post or a private chat or forward the post (a forward will be considered a favorable supply). You don’t have to pay now, and then I’ll sell it in my official business store.

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