My Story of Photography(0001) My first Canon EOS camera

I have lost my memory when I began to work as an amateur photographer. But I still remember my two local photo contest awards, so because of those two awards I became a member of the local photographer association. I make friends with local photographers in order to make money by photography. I have failed once,but I plan to engage in photography again in order to create a new plan to make money.This website is one of my plans to make money on the Internet.
I am a poet,so I keep in touch with many poets. My friend, a local poet,has taught me some techniques on photography. I travels everywhere and took photos everywhere,usually in my hometown in Zhejiang Province,P R China.My first camera’s brand is Canon EOS 550,it is suited for a beginner on photography.

I have bought many many books of photography,I study photography day after day. In the future,I will buy a professional camera in order to take photos when I travels anywhere. These photos will be used on my website.

I also have a great plan to learn more than 9 languages,so I can travels everywhere worldwide.I want to make friends with people who I meet anywhere worldwide. I can also make money when I travels.

I have taken many photos,here are some of my photos,
This is my first award photo in the local photo contest. It is named as ‘cool’.


And this is my photo of the building which I audited and worked as a Cost Engineer(Quantity Surveyor in P R China).The building is named as the art centre of Taizhou. I named my photo as ‘achievement’.


This is a combination of my photo and my poetry named ‘dilapidated and ruined lotus’. I took this photo in the West Lake in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province,P R China.

And this is my photo taken on my balcony on the New Year’s day morning,2012.

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